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Breeding - Guidance For Selecting a Breeder and Adopting a Eurasier

Pups playingThis information is intended to help potential adopting families engage in a thoughtful dialogue with a potential breeder. These suggested guidelines are not intended to constitute hard and fast rules; rather, they are intended to identify matters you should consider, discuss with the breeder, and then decide what is best for you and your family.

The USEC Board of Directors, per the breeding policy, votes on and approves matings based on health testing performed, researches the lines to provide a coefficient of inbreeding, and provides health related information pertinent to the litter to the breeders. Upon approval of the mating, and if the litter is raised in accordance with USEC policy and the Eurasier way, the breeder is then given a certificate stating that the litter is a USEC Approved litter. This certificate ensures that the breeding was carefully planned and is held to the highest standards of the USEC. Owners should request this certificate from their breeders and if one is not provided, ask why.

Your Eurasier may be a family member for 14 or more years. Your selection of a breeder and a Eurasier is a decision that must be carefully considered:

As you make determinations about the breeder, also expect the breeder to be qualifying you.

Expect to be on a waiting list for a puppy for several months or even longer. Be patient - if you're in a hurry, the Eurasier is not the breed for you.

Excerpted and modified from NAEC October 2005 Newsletter,
Courtesy of the North American Eurasier Committee

Updated September 30, 2016