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2019 Eurasier Walks

Upcoming Eurasier walks will be announced to USEC members via email and the USEC members only Facebook page.

Do you have a Eurasier? Would you enjoy to join one of our Eurasier walks? We would be thrilled to see you! Liz Gunderson will be happy to get you in touch with the Regional Representative of your area of residence. USEC members and non-members are welcome!

If you are interested in helping to arrange a get-together in your area, please contact Liz Gunderson.

Eurasier Walk


Health Questionnaire

The USEC is always interested in the health of our Eurasiers. Periodically, the USEC Secretary sends out a health questionnaire to the membership on a variety of health issues or concerns. If the health of your Eurasier has changed, or if you would like to submit a new or updated form, please contact the USEC Health / Breeding Coordinator, Sarah Paddock for a questionnaire or more information.


We're Growing!

The USEC Board of Directors would like to thank all of you who have joined our group of dedicated Eurasier owners coming together to support the positive future of our favorite breed. The USEC is currently over 165 members strong and still growing! As the USEC is intended to be a club of its membership, if you have a particular area of interest for which you would like to volunteer your time, please indicate this in an email to the USEC President, Wendy Schuyler and we will contact you as the need arises.

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Members Gallery

A reminder to all our new USEC members who would like to have their Eurasier included in the USEC Member Gallery. Please send your pictures to the USEC Webmaster, at . Send up to 3 head shots and up to 3 body shots and we will pick one of each to be part of the Gallery. Please also include your Eurasier's full registered name, the name of the photographer, your full name, your state of residence and your written permission for your pictures to be used by the USEC.

To check out our gallery click here --> gallery_link


USEC is a Member of IFEZ

On November 6, 2006, during the 10th Anniversary meeting of the International Federation of Eurasier Breeding - World Union (IFEZ) in Fischingen, Switzerland, the United States Eurasier Club was accepted as an Associate Member of the IFEZ-World Union. The USEC is the first non-European club to be accepted into the IFEZ!

The IFEZ is a network of European Eurasier Clubs with the common goal of breeding healthy Eurasiers. Recently, the IFEZ became the Eurasier World Union. The IFEZ represents more than 6,000 Eurasier friends, which is more than half of all Eurasier club members in Europe. Health data of more than 12,000 Eurasiers is stored in the IFEZ database. The associate membership with the IFEZ will enable the USEC to provide data to and receive data from that database upon request. This data exchange will allow the USEC to obtain information on all breeding-relevant data, suggestions concerning proposed breedings, health information, and calculations such as inbreeding coefficients, which help to determine the suitability of mating two particular Eurasiers. For more information about the IFEZ, you can visit the IFEZ website at the link provided in the USEC Links section.

The USEC's acceptance into the IFEZ is an important milestone for the USEC, as it confirms to us that we are proceeding in the right direction towards our goal of protecting the health and welfare of the Eurasier breed here in the United States.

The USEC Board would like to extend a very special thank-you to two of our Honorary International Members, Mrs. Annelie Feder, Eurasier Club Weinheim Germany, and Mr. Lothar Mende, Eurasier Judge. Together, they represented the USEC in its application for membership with the IFEZ.

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