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Stud Dog Information

Paddock Way's Angus

Paddock Way's AngusPaddock Way's Angus

General Information

Breed: Eurasier      
Date of Birth: 09/28/2017      
Color & Markings: Agouti/Black & Tan      
Reg No.: 1137975      
Weight & Height: 24 inches & 58 lbs      
Bred By: Lynne Sullivan      
Owned By: Lynne Sullivan      
      Sire: NY Eurasier Almighty Zeus
      Dam: Lady Sabrina von Massow-Krummau (Austria)


Hips: OFA Excellent    
Patella: OFA - no evidence of patellar luxation    
Thyroid: OFA Normal - no evidence of disease    
Eyes: OFA - free of observable eye diseases    
Dandy Walker Carrier: NA - neither parent was a carrier    
EB Carrier: NA - neither parent was a carrier    
(Epidermolysis Bullosa)      
Temperament: very calm, friendly, affectionate, gets along well with all dogs, children, people    
Offspring: N/A    
Breeding Evaluation:      


Name: Lynne Sullivan    
Location: Sudbury, MA    
Home Phone: 978-440-7089    
Work Phone: 617-308-2480    
Mobile: 978-290-1003