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Stud Dog Information

Maquin's Beach Racer Toska

Maquin's Beach Racer Toska

General Information

Breed: Eurasier      
Date of Birth: 3/22/2008      
Color & Markings: Red and Cream      
Reg No.:        
Bred By: Josee Dessouroux      
Owned By: Carla La Villa      
      Sire: Dombo vom Koenigshaus
      Dam: Farley-Maple vom Krusenbusch


Hips: OFA GOOD    
Elbows: NORMAL    
Patella: OFA CLEAR - no patellar luxation    
Thyroid: Normal    
Eyes: CERF CLEAR - one distichia    
Dandy Walker Carrier: CLEAR    
EB Carrier: CLEAR    
(Epidermolysis Bullosa)      
Temperament: friendly    
Offspring: NONE    
Breeding Evaluation: NONE    


Name: Carla La Villa    
Location: Laguna Niguel, California    
Home Phone:      
Work Phone: