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Stud Dog Information

North River's Ogedei Tarquin

North River's Ogedei TarquinNorth River's Ogedei Tarquin

General Information

Breed: Eurasier      
Date of Birth: 10/01/2013      
Color & Markings: Tri-color agouti      
Reg No.: 1124918      
Bred By: Jackie Murtha      
Owned By: Adrian Brooks      
      Sire: Aki von den Elbgezeiten
      Dam: Bree-Bente vom Tayemoor


Hips: CLEAR    
Elbows: CLEAR    
Patella: CLEAR    
Thyroid: NORMAL    
Eyes: CLEAR    
Dandy Walker Carrier: CLEAR    
Temperament: kind and gentle with everyone and with other animals. Loving. Patient. Mellow, relaxed and considerate. All in all, his character is perfect.    
Offspring: 1 litter of 9 puppies    
Breeding Evaluation: NONE    


Name: Adrian Brooks    
Location: San Francisco, CA    
Home Phone: (415)252-5959    
Work Phone: