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Stud Dog Information

Paddock Way's Burton Olaf

Paddock Way's Burton OlafPaddock Way's Burton Olaf

General Information

Breed: Eurasier      
Date of Birth: 04/28/2018      
Color & Markings: Cream & Grey      
Reg No.: 1140435 (CKC)      
Bred By: Lynne Sullivan      
Owned By: Shelley & Heather Carmosino      
      Sire: NY Eurasiers Almighty Zeus
      Dam: Lady Sabrina von Massow-Krummau


Hips: OFA - Good    
Patella: OFA - Normal    
Thyroid: Hemopet - Normal    
Eyes: OFA - Normal    
Dandy Walker Carrier:      
EB Carrier:      
(Epidermolysis Bullosa)      
Temperament: Sweet and sensitive soul; loves his dog family; very athletic; has not met a stranger he did not like; protective of his home; loves to snuggle; loves all food groups    
Height & Weight: 23.5 inches, 62 pounds    
Breeding Evaluation:      


Name: Shelley Carmosino    
Location: Colorado    
Home Phone:      
Work Phone:      
Mobile: 303-475-9177